The Fashion Intern Diaries

The Fashion Intern Diaries: The personal web journal of Love Thy Closet founder Shekinah Johnson’s experience as a fashion publicity intern in New York City.

The Interview: 

One morning while sifting through the ‘fashion classifieds’, I replied to an ad that read “PR Interns URGENT” on Just my blessing, within the next hour I got a response from “Anna”. The former intern turned publicist and fellow Floridian said she loved my blog and requested an interview later that afternoon. Two hours, two trains and 5 blocks later, I got the internship! My journal starts here…

Wk 1–Day 1: “First”

10am: The Ropes. My boss, “Jen” offers the lay of the land and tour of the tri-story office space, ready-to-wear closet, designer showroom and supply basement–“To get down here UUU NEED keys…ofhudjeue AND shigunfh”…she talks really fast. But she’s nice and I’ve decided, I like her. The basement is also the home of the company’s 3 cats…

11am: Getting to know the fashion closet. Which designers are which? Where does this dress go? Who are these head bands by? Etc.

11:15am: His name is Oliver Ronson. Oliver is a very important client’s four legged companion. (He’s spending the week with us while his fashion designer mother is out of the country on business…

12noon: Organize This. Myself and two other interns re-organize the fashion closet; our haven.

1:30pm: Check-Ins. Using the web inventory platform FashionGPS, we successfully checked-in over 100 pieces of clothing that had been out on loan.

2pm: Errands. Return Oliver’s urine sample to the vet. Yes, you heard right!

4pm: More Check-Ins.

5pm: Check-Outs. Prepping pieces for recording artist Nicki Minaj’s next video shoot.

6:30pm: Awaiting Messengers to transport very important cargo. (Hey Nicki!)

7pm: Day’s End. C Train here I come!


Wk 1–Day 2 “Go Fetch!”

10am: Check-Ins!

12noon: Errands. Orla Kiely Boutique drop offs/Fashion GPS pick ups. The E and C Trains and I have become very good acquaintances. Off to Soho/Tribeca I went!

2pm: More Errands. This time at 34th street. I grabbed lunch on the way back to the office.

3:30pm: Check-Out City. All at once, we (the other interns and I) were bombarded with stylist’s assistants who simply had to have their garments bagged and packed immediately.

5pm: Down Time.

5:15pm: Back to Business.

6pm: Facebook surfing…and manning the [package] receiving desk.

7pm: Time’s UP!

Wk 2–Day 3 “The Menswear Event”

11am: Hurry up and wait…

12pm: Check-Ins.

1:30pm: Drop off at Milk Studios.

2:30pm: Drive-By Scoop up! Its just as silly as it sounds. I’m walking back to the showroom/office and the event producers pull up beside me in a black SUV screaming my name and telling me to jump in.

2:35pm: We head to the event.

2:45pm: K-mart run. Cups, plates, the whole 9 yards.

3:30pm: Arrive at the event.

3:40pm: Set-up.

4pm: Enter cute bartenders. 😉

5pm: Event begins.

5:30pm: Guests arrive fashionable late.

6pm: Ice run to Duane Reade.

6:20pm: Drama. Flustered Interns with attitudes and snooty PR girls don’t mix.

7:50pm: You aint got to go home, but you’ve got to get the Heck up outta here!

8:30pm: Determined intern swipes MetroCard–collapses in subway seat.

9:15pm: Goodnight!

Wk 3–Day 3 “Follow Me :)”

10:30am: Sign in.

10:40am: Hello Social Media. I officially began working as the social media intern.

10:50am: Brainstorming.

11am: Tumblr Updates! Managing both the company’s tumblr page and their partner/biggest client keeps a girl busy.

12pm: A little Pinterest to spark your interest. A solid hour of product placement clips, inspiration and spring collection spotlights on a few well chosen ‘boards’.

1pm: Down Time.

1:30pm: Lunch.

2pm: More brainstorming/materializing/strategic planning. [i.e. “Lets market these brands like so…” ]

3pm: Fashion News Update. Whats happening with ______ ______?

4pm: Odd jobs…

6pm: Down Time.

7pm: Outeee!!!

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