Reader’s Choice: Interview With The Editor

268206_10101211508524021_6658309_nHappy New Year all! Many of you have sent in your questions about the editor here at Lovethycloset. In honor of 2013, we’ve selected some of your best and most frequently asked questions.

Anonymous {our readers}: Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn?

Shekinah {the editor}: definitely, Jackie.

A: What do you do?

S: I am a Customer Support Associate at Gilt Groupe

A: What’s the thing about fashion?

S: I think the idea of fashion and what that means to each of us is what drives the business. For some, fashion is a pair of Uggs and a HollisterCo. hoodie. To others, its art.

A: Your style muse(s)?

S: Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Palermo & Tracee Ellis Ross.

A: Your most influential fashion businessman or woman?

S: Rachel Roy. I admire her so much!

A: Paris or London?

S: London for a week. Paris for 3.

A: Your Best Accessory?

S: Nail Polish

A: Topshop or Asos?

S: Topshop on SALE.

A: When in doubt…

S: Do You.

A: Biggest Fashion DON’T?

S: Panty lines and too tight work pants.

A: You in 6 years?

S: New York City. Stupid Happy. & Wildly successful- probably working for Gilt Groupe.

A: Your New Year’s Resolution?

S: Travel More, Worry less.

We’re Obsessed: Cashmere & Coated Denim & MORE!

Cashmere, Coated Denim, Taupey Boots and Blingy Accessories make us swoon this Fall/Winter season. Our obsessions, inspired by streetstyle gem Olivia Palermo, design houses TSE Cashmere (pronounced “say”) and 3.1 Phillip Lim, are both amazing additives and elegant classics for a … Continue reading

{Style Intelligence} 7 Reason’s To Shop

1. Online Exclusives. If you’re like us, you crave exclusivity. Indulge.

2. Wider Selection. Much to shop is never a bad thing.

3. Totally Accessible. Whether its 2pm or 2am, urban [dot] com is always open.

4. PayPal Friendly.

5. Awesome SALE Prices! There’s no guess work, urban [dot]com tabulates the deals and steals for you before check out.
6. Great Deals on Shipping. Take advantage, there is almost always a special on shipping and returns.

7. Product Reviews. You have the right to know if that orange tee or that maxi dress fits true to size, before you buy.



{Editor’s Picks} Memorial Day Must Haves

Memorial Day Must Haves

Memorial Day is a day to remember our fallen soldiers and is the unofficial kick off to sun-drenched summer festivities. From Coney Island to free concerts in the park to laying out at the shore, we’re gearing up with these new essentials. My personal favorite is the {sexy} maxi dress. Emphasize on ‘sexy’, as this summer is all about the barely there, backless, make him stare maxi.

The tote bag is up next, as long as its outfitted with razzle dazzle embellishments  inspired by some exotic tropical escape, you’re endless-summer ready. And of course, we can’t forget about the bikini. Whether your petite and busty, tall and boy-shaped, or average height with a few extra curves, you’re sure to find a suit that screams “summa’ time!” As long as you’ve got these, the rest is just gravy.

Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!


What To Wear: {Spring} Bridal Shower


Yes, its that time of year again. We’re talking weddings. Starting now through August, our mailboxes, both freestanding and virtual, are on stand-by for Save-the-Dates and full-fledged invites to the nuptials of college roommates, study buddies and favorite acquaintances.

Enter the Bridal Shower, as well as the inevitable question of what to wear. We said “Yes” to these three dresses, each chosen to suit the modern bride’s mix of stylish girlfriends. The girly-girl, the bohemian, and the sex pot usually arrive fashionably late and make an effort to steer clear of the bride-to-be’s signature {white} sundress.

Whether the soiree is indoors or out, color is key for this pre-bridal bash. Flats are fine, but heels take the prize. You can even accessorize with a well chosen hat. Don’t forget to bring a gift!



Style Intelligence: 10 Secrets to Consignment Shopping in NYC and Everywhere Else!

Luxury consignment shopping is exhilarating. Whether you are hunting for that perfect pump you saw in Vogue, chasing J.Lo’s Gucci sunglasses or are simply open to the fashion possibilities, no matter the mission, a smart shopper is always strategic.

1. Do your research. Madison Avenue on New York City’s Upper East Side hosts some of the city’s most sought after consignment boutiques. You owe it to yourself to check out at least 3 of them in one trip. This goes for any city. Google neighborhoods of interest to find the best re-sale retailers.

2. Make a list. Know what you want, and stick to it. Luxury consignment stores are nothing like Target. At Target, you go in with a plan to buy one item and walk out with 15 more. Impulse buys at luxury retailers can cost you a month’s worth of rent.

3. Set a budget. Need I say more?

4. Carry cash. This secret helps a girl avoid the smoking debit card and also helps you stay on budget.

5. Bring a fashion-forward friend. This secret goes without saying, as we usually shop in pairs. However, for consignment shopping, avoid bringing the “Yes, girl” friend along. Instead, invite the friend who’s brutally honest, she’ll help you avoid buying that dress that’s two sizes too small.

6. Know your designers. If you’re on the hunt for a Chanel jacket, it helps to know the retail price so that you aren’t blind to price gouging.

7. Try on EVERYTHING! If you’re a newbie to a select brand, be sure to try the piece on even if your pretty sure its your size. DVF’s size 6 may be H&M’s size 2.

8. Invest in what you love. If your gonna buy that Prada top, you’d better be proud of it!

9. Ask about their return policy. Very few shops like these have lenient return policies. Be aware of signs that read “ALL SALES FINAL”.

10. Join their mailing list! Most boutiques send out email blasts or postcards letting valued customers like you know when their having a sale. Take advantage, because close-out sales worth shopping usually only happen bi-annually.

Shop & Learn,


Style How To: Remix Your Wardrobe With Michelle Obama Inspired Looks

Our Illustrious First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama is known for her chic style sensability. In addition to being appreciated for her fashion, Mrs.O is also know for her well edited wardrobe repeats. Gone are the days of outfits, as tailored separates that can be worn again and again are a neccessity to personal style. And thanks to the First Lady, this working girl’s task has become a full on trend.


White House Casual is a nod to Mrs.O’s stroll’s across the lawn in an a-line dress, cardigan, and bright belt; and again de-boarding the private jet after a well deserved vacation, this time with an off colored flat and hobo shoulder bag.


Meet & Greet is inspired by the First Lady’s casual book readings and charitable activities in sleek, skinny trousers. Once with a striped tee, eye catching bracelt and peep toe flats and again in a bright top, cool cuff and a fun shoe.


Camp David takes a que from the First Family’s trips to and from the White House. Easy and crisp goes the pleated skirt with a simple tank, belt and sunnies. An encore ensemble includes a colored cardigan, preppy belt and trusty ballerina flats.

Along with inspiration comes accessibility, as the First Lady rocks brands like J.Crew Collection, Old Navy and Banana Republic in addition to designers like Jason Wu and Tibi. While the everyday fashionista may not be able to afford all of Mrs.O’s favorite brands, we can certainly have fun remixing her signature style to suit our own.



What To Wear: Big City Weekend Getaway

3 Day City Getaway

Man we loved college…game nights, house parties, football games and the highly anticipated Spring break. Under-grad or not, winter getaways are usually well deserved. Whether you’re hitting South Beach, cruising the Caribbean or headed to the Big Apple, you’ve simply got to dress the part.

If you’re headed to New York City, be prepared for the big chill with a few suggested pieces. Fashionable hoodies, rugged denim, sweater dresses, cardigans and boots should be at the top of your packing list while leaving plenty of room in your suitcase to shop like a New Yorker.