Beauty Buzz: My 7-Day Natural Beauty Challenge

Why do so many of us drown ourselves in sephora under the pretense that we can’t leave our houses without a face full of make-up? I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent applying my beloved MAC studio-fix in a desperate effort to achieve a ‘natural’ look. I had never considered how silly the idea was, not wearing make-up all together, the part about needing a cosmetic meant to hide imperfection to look ‘natural’. Let’s face it, you never really look natural—ever. No one has completely even skin tone, bronzed cheeks and jet black lashes, right?

So, I decided to take the first step by going bare for 7 consecutive days. Thus, allowing myself to appreciate my complexion, as is.  Its day 3 of my quest for a make-up free, beautiful me. It hasn’t been half bad. My skin is getting some much needed sun and I’ve even traded in my Nars lip stain for balm. I predict even after the 7 days have passed, i’ll keep my make-up days to a minimum. I love my MAC, but I love my skin more.

How often do you wear make-up?

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Striking on women of all hues, the orange lip has it for Spring 2011. Vibrant and sexy, bold and beautiful; the perfect tint is easily accessible at your local drug store or MAC counter for just under $20. Fun for a night out or brave for a day of shopping, this trend has received mixed reviews. LTC wants to know, would you wear an orange lip?

-S. Johnson