Reader’s Choice: Interview With The Editor

268206_10101211508524021_6658309_nHappy New Year all! Many of you have sent in your questions about the editor here at Lovethycloset. In honor of 2013, we’ve selected some of your best and most frequently asked questions.

Anonymous {our readers}: Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn?

Shekinah {the editor}: definitely, Jackie.

A: What do you do?

S: I am a Customer Support Associate at Gilt Groupe

A: What’s the thing about fashion?

S: I think the idea of fashion and what that means to each of us is what drives the business. For some, fashion is a pair of Uggs and a HollisterCo. hoodie. To others, its art.

A: Your style muse(s)?

S: Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Palermo & Tracee Ellis Ross.

A: Your most influential fashion businessman or woman?

S: Rachel Roy. I admire her so much!

A: Paris or London?

S: London for a week. Paris for 3.

A: Your Best Accessory?

S: Nail Polish

A: Topshop or Asos?

S: Topshop on SALE.

A: When in doubt…

S: Do You.

A: Biggest Fashion DON’T?

S: Panty lines and too tight work pants.

A: You in 6 years?

S: New York City. Stupid Happy. & Wildly successful- probably working for Gilt Groupe.

A: Your New Year’s Resolution?

S: Travel More, Worry less.

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